How To Boost A Car Battery Without Another Car?

Car Battery

Do you need to know how to Boost/jump a car battery without another car? If yes, then read this blog carefully. Dead batteries can cause a frustrating condition when your car is not running and stops suddenly and this problem occurs at any time since even high-quality batteries can only last for so long. 

When your car battery loses its charge you’ll need to improve it to start the engine. Knowing how to improve your vehicle battery without another car is a piece of useful knowledge for you. Battery Boosting of a car is not a challenging task; you only require a couple of friends, a battery pack, and a charged cell phone is important to call someone to help like emirates towing.

How To Push Starting A Car With Manual Transmission/ Boosting Battery through pushing/ pulling

To Boost the car battery the best option is another car with a good battery. Around your neighborhood, if you don’t have another vehicle, you are not able to find someone to help you out with this problem. Don’t worry, Push starting is the easiest way. In this step your car battery charges through pushing/ pulling. 

While pushing or pulling your car, set the ignition key to the On position, set the car on second gear, and tell your friends to push the car until it picks up speed, then you release the pedal. In this way, the transmission will turn the engine and the battery charging start which is enough for the car to start. Normally, this method works properly but it is important to know that this method is useful for vehicles to have manual transmissions. If your car has automatic transmission then use Jump Box to boost the car battery, In next you read how to Boost the car Battery through Battery Pack. read on


Don’t use first gear while pushing the car method. It is dangerous and it may cause the car to buck severely.

Car Battery

Battery Boosting With Battery Pack/ Jump Box

Your car battery is dead and you worry about it. It depends on the battery that you use, if it is affordable then buy a new high-quality battery and change your car battery. Another option is to use a battery pack to charge your dead battery. Jump Box is capable of increasing the energy to jump-start your car when you need it most. You simply use your cables to clamp it on and then you see that your car might start in a short time by connecting it to the battery pack.

Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery

You don’t have a jump starter Box and no other car for help, don’t worry. Here is another option to start your car battery. You need a spare and fully charged battery. Try to find a spare and good-condition battery, spill-free with a crack-free casing. Here are some steps you follow to start dead battery car

  • Turn the ignition switch on and turn off all other accessories such as lights, stereo, etc
  • Turn the upside down the boost battery and place it in such a way on the top or dead battery that the terminals of the boost battery are aligned to the terminals of the car’s battery
  • Turn on the ignition and start the car


Can I Boost/ Improve Energy in a Completely Dead Battery?

Yes, you can boost your completely dead battery but it boosts temporarily. Completely dead battery boosting means it will keep working normally.

Can I Connect with experts if my car battery does not work after applying all methods?

Why not, you can easily connect with Emirates Towing experts through call otherwise visit Experts reach your spot without wasting time.

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